About Us

Hi there! My name is Stacey, Owner of Icy Girl Collection. I'm an amazing jeweler whose number 1 goal is to build confidence and create long lasting first time impressions. Here at Icy Girl Co we offer unique quality designs that won’t break the bank, but will speak volumes!

The Woman Hustler derived from the many struggles that young girls & women face on a daily basis. The sole purpose of the organization is to empower and teach women how to love themselves. When you truly understand your value, your best abilities surface. Teach a girl who she is and she will never go astray. We live in a world where young women compete instead of empowering. As women we must learn the power of unity. In order to grow as a whole we must teach each one as we grow!

We pride ourselves in our superb customer service, amazing pieces, and overall people skills. We understand that the first impression is the best impression.

So welcome to the world of Icy Girls. Where satisfaction is guaranteed and confidence is at an all time high.

We hope you’re here to stay.

Happy Shopping!